Rail shipping across Canada


Used to move freight long distances by rail, Fyre Logistics offers you truck-like reliability built around your business — giving you more options and more affordable options to ship for a long distance. As a Logistics company, we use our reliable partners across Canada to ship big things securely and rapidly.



Rail Freight’s sustainable credentials compared to road haulage are considerable, particularly with increased focus on environmental issues.

Our capabilities via rail, includes nationwide coverage A flexible and adaptable team of rail partners, and ground staff are ready to react to urgent customer requests and a variety of shipping containers to meet a variety of customer needs. We place a strong emphasis on continuous improvement, ensuring we are always exploring ways of improving safety and performance. We also place a strong emphasis on working collaboratively with our customers to achieve joint safety improvements.


Our Network Across Canada

With partner carriers in all of these provinces, be sure that you’re in good hand to securely ship anything, anywhere, anytime.