Professional Warehousing

We can safely store your automobiles, freight, boat, and personal effects until your requested shipping date. We even have long-term storage available.

Ground transport services

With our ground transportation services across Canada, we can accommodate small quantities or large quantities of pallets, types of equipment, containers, small machinery, and more…

Cross Docking

With our Cross Docking solutions, products are unloaded from a truck, a shipping container, or a railroad car, sorted, and directly reloaded onto outbound trucks or rail cars to continue their journey. This could help you to streamline your supply chain, from point of origin to point of sale, and it reduces or eliminates warehousing costs.

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We offer complete freight shipping services to an individual or company in Canada that dispatches shipments from province to province. From securing a booking reservation, providing warehousing, and arranging the distribution of cargo, Fyre Logistics does it all. We provide cost-effective, deadline-driven solutions that will exceed your expectations.

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We offer other variety of shipping services across Canada. Consult our website to know more about our car shipping services, sea freight services, heavy equipment shipping across Canada.