Fyre Logistics Adding a New Online Tracking Feature

Montreal, Canada – January 28, 2023 

Fyre Logistics will announce today about adding a new Online Tracking Feature that will enable customers to track the movement of their car from the United States to Canada and from Canada to the United States, which is part of its strategic expansion plan. The statement today follows the completion of all tracking shipment requirements, including securing permits from pertinent authorities.

The new tracking tool will be able to provide more interactive cargo information to customers. This tracking feature will allow car shipping customers to track their shipments online on our website without any fees.

Fyre Logistics Shipment Tracker Key Features below : 

• Tracking of cargo shipment on one platform from booking to delivery
• Shipment information
• More real-time shipment status
•Online shipment booking

Fyre Logistics believes that companies will be held responsible for every segment of their supply chains in the future. Investing in a thorough knowledge of the difficulties they encounter and the objectives they seek to accomplish throughout their shipment will enable our clients to take a leadership role in the future. Regardless of the scope of their goal, we use this expertise to play a crucial role in their success, from strategy to execution.

Fyre Logistics will keep offering customized supply chain logistics in the future.

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Fyre Logistics Shipment Tracker can be accessed on our website.
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