Press Release: Expansion of Our Cars Shipping Operations from Canada to Washington, California, And Oregon States

Montreal, Canada – December 27, 2022 – Fyre Logistics will announce today about expanding its operations to move automobiles from the United States to Canada and from Canada to the United States as part of its strategic expansion plan. This will be an international freight forwarding operation encompassing two North American nations. The statement today follows the completion of all usual expansion requirements, including securing regulatory permits from pertinent authorities.

Fyre Logistics is one of the most efficient and dependable logistics companies in North America, which has specialized industry teams with top-tier knowledge of essential business verticals, including freight brokers and car and truck shipping. Fyre Logistics offers car shipping services via different method, such as rail, truck, and drive away.

Fyre Logistics handles everything, including acquiring a booking reservation, offering to the warehouse, and planning freight delivery. The company aims to exceed customer expectations by offering cost-efficient solutions that focus on meeting deadlines.

The scale of Fyre Logistics roughly raised by 30% every quarter, during the past year, according to the firm’s CEO, and it’s expected to keep growing in 2023. With the help of our reliable investment partners and the steadily rising industry demand, we will keep expanding our network with more facilities, transportation resources, and a B2C scale and velocity that’s both larger and faster. We are delighted with the extensive industry knowledge that the main members of the Fyre Logistics leadership team bring to the team, in addition to their background in leading comparable development initiatives at other 3PLs. Fyre Logistics has achieved outstanding success in the third-party logistics (3PL) sector by emphasizing customer service and developing long-lasting connections with clients.

Fyre Logistics continues to be dedicated to a “think global, act local” development approach by integrating supplier local market expertise with Fyre’s industry-leading global network. Fyre’s worldwide end-to-end logistics capabilities are strengthened by the acquisitions. Fyre Logistics will keep putting its strategic expansion plan into action. Being able to deliver cargo more quickly and inexpensively than rivals is something Fyre Logistics takes great satisfaction in.

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Fyre Logistics is a full-service supply chain management firm offering warehousing, freight forwarding, project management, and transportation services to small and international enterprises. Fyre Logistics is a major Canadian competitor in the logistics and transportation industry, offering its clients a wide range of customized services and solutions. The company has a strong network of partners, and agents spread out over the country.