Fyre Logistics is the wise choice if you are a drayage trucking business looking to collaborate with an established, innovative logistics firm.

We seek partnerships with knowledgeable, trustworthy carriers to support our logistical operations. Working with Fyre Logistics may help your business if you are a dependable carrier.

We are looking for a partner carrier to ship cars across Canada and USA, and there is a shortage of car carriers across Canada and the USA.

Let’s work together as carrier partners! Using Fyre Logistics and your company’s integration, provide customers across Canada and the USA with first-rate shipping expertise, logistics pricing, shipping labels, and tracking data.

We need more partner carriers to drive our growth since we are one of North America’s most influential and trustworthy logistics organizations, with specialist industry teams who have in-depth expertise in key business verticals, including freight brokers and shipping cars and trucks. In particular, we’re searching for drayage trucking businesses to join the Fyre Logistics Team. Your business will benefit from being a partner carrier and your bottom line. A few key advantages are:

  • Regular Freight
  • Decent rates
  • Fast Pay
  • Drop and Pick Enterprise
  • Legal Weight/Most Dry Containers
  • High-profile clients

Why join the Fyre Logistics Carrier Program?

  • Gain competitive advantage

Real-time shipment monitoring via Fyre Logistics and thorough last-mile carrier tracking for a comprehensive view of delivery logistics and increased shipping effectiveness.

  • Co-Marketing activities

Provide shippers with the choice to choose your carrier brand on branded tracking pages, the carrier page on Fyre Logistics, during live events, during promotions for your online newsletter, and other places. Become more adaptable and visible.

  • Quarterly data report summary

Utilize our data analytics to raise performance in particular regions. Learn about the performance of the traffic, delivery rate alerts, on-time shipping reports, industry delivery time reports, and accurate tracking rates.

Join Fyre Logistics Carrier Program in 3 Simple Steps

You may acquire logistical tracking data by using our carrier program. We also provide branded tracking links to help you increase your company’s influence through combined marketing initiatives, which will result in more customers and sales.

  • Apply

Please complete the form below if you would like to start the process of becoming a Fyre Logistics partner carrier. 

  • Get Approved

Once this information is received, our carrier managers will review the information provided and reach out to you if they have any further questions. 

  • Get Started

If the information is accepted and you meet our carrier requirements, our team will notify you as being an active carrier in our system.

Do you want to join our carrier partnership? Click on the button below to submit your request for consideration.

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Our customers can be confident that you are in good hands to securely transport anything, anywhere, at any time, thanks to our strong network across Canada and our partnerships with the best partner carriers in each of these provinces.